About Us


TEG is a boutique New York area based Talent Management and Production Company.  

The Manager/Partners are Bobbie Merritt and Deborah Kym.


For the past 20+ years, TEG has successfully developed the careers of numerous actors. Many who joined our roster upon graduation ultimately made their professional debuts in Film/TV, Musical Theater, Broadway, National Tours, and Commercials. 


While many of our new clients come by referral, we also attend numerous showcases throughout the year.  It's always terrific to see the new group of dedicated young artists start on the road to fulfilling their dreams with a career in this business of show!


TEG and our network of Music Directors, Directors, Coaches, Drama Consultants, Headshot Photographers, Producers, and Choreographers work together with us as a team to help make that happen. 

Recently, we also added a Social Media Director/Consultant for our clients in order to help expand their social media presence.


Services include assistance in website building and/or social media development.  We believe the entire industry is headed toward requiring a strong social media presence for every actor in this business and we want TEG clients to be ahead of the curve.


For our Musical Theater clients, we now offer the ability to create music video demos to put on their actor's access accounts, as more and more Casting Directors are requesting demo reels, even for musical theater submissions.

TEG is committed to specific career development for each client, wherever they currently are in the process of having the career they deserve.


So, as you can see, we do things a bit differently around here.


We choose to remain a small, boutique company in order to continue to be able to remain very selective in offering representation.  This allows us to maintain the highest level of "hands-on" communication, direction and career management with each client on a regular basis.


Our interview process requires the completion of a questionnaire, followed up by a phone interview, and then a personal meeting and audition.  If a client is seeking representation in Musical Theater, the audition will be with our highly respected, multi-Broadway credited Music Director.


Theatrical clients are required to perform two contrasting monologues of their choice and sides which we will provide.


We absolutely love what we do as Talent Managers. We often say that we have the greatest job in the world because we help people make their dreams come true.


If you think you might be a fit for our roster, please send an email with your headshot and resume to:  inquiryteg@gmail.comWe only respond to serious inquiries if you fit our criteria. Please do not contact us unless you already have PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS taken by a headshot photographer, and you also you have either substantial years of artistic education and training and/or substantial performing credits or a large social media following.

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BOBBIE MERRITT IS THE OWNER AND PRESIDENT OF THE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP  a boutique bi-coastal Talent Management Company based in the NYC area, representing both adults and youth and young adults from ages 8 – 24 in its YYA division, headed up by Partner/Manager, Deborah Kym. 


TEG  boasts a roster of amazing and award-winning clients who have starred in  and/or made their Broadway debuts in numerous  Tony Award-winning Broadway shows including but not limited to: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Ain't Misbehavin’, Allegiance;  Beauty and the Beast,  Big River, Chicago, Evita, Hamilton,  Jekyll & Hyde, Les Mis, Matilda the Musical, Memphis the Musical!, Motown the Musical, Once on This Island, Ragtime, Showboat,  The Color Purple, The Jersey Boys, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked.

Represented clients are also working on numerous film and television projects in both New York and Los Angeles.  

TEG is a subsidiary of GRAMERCY PARK PRODUCTIONS, LLC.. based in the NYC area.
GPP is working with veteran TV and film scriptwriters and playwrights and producers on a number of projects.

GPP and its affiliates develop and produce entertainment projects across all media, including musical theater, concerts, scripted TV, and Film.   Currently in development are several lived staged catalog musicals. One is an adaptation from a major motion picture that grossed over $100M in the worldwide box office.   The other two are originally created pieces based on the life stories of iconic leading characters.

Of particular note, GPP Media developed a multi-million dollar multi-media project that celebrated the inaugural visit of Pope John Paul II to the U.S. that won Mrs. Merritt the honor of being recognized by a National Magazine as one of America’s “Most Entrepreneurial Women”.

Prior to developing TEG and GPP, Mrs. Merritt was an Investment Banker heading up a staff of 80 and over the course of her career, she developed and successfully managed over $200M in projects in various industries. 

Youth and Young Adult Division



Deborah has guided many of our YYA clients to their Broadway, Film/TV, and Commercial debuts, as working professionals.  Many have scored major career-launch bookings in their initial auditions after signing with TEG.

We attribute this phenomenon to three things.  1. The ability to spot talent. 2. Utilizing as a coaching method same acting technique she has been teaching for 25 years, based on her work with Stella Adler; and 3.  She and Bobbie Merritt are on the same page in terms of dedication to client career building.  Deborah and Bobbie with their many years of experience in every aspect of the business of show are a winning team for all TEG clients.


As a company, TEG successfully guided a 10-year-old to win both a Tony Award and a Grammy nomination as a result of landing her first professional job.   Many other clients are working in every part of the business, performing in their dream roles in television, film, and theatre.

Deborah continues to teach acting in the evenings and weekends while attending shows and numerous showcases in order to discover new talent. Even though she oversees the Youth and Young Adult Division, she also coaches performers whose careers have not been handled with care prior to signing with TEG.



Among the many actors who have benefited from Deborah's coaching are those who have won Drama Desk Nominations and Awards, Emmy Nominations and SAG Awards.

Many talented artists do not achieve the careers that their talent warrants,  and it’s now even more difficult with our ever-changing technology.  Deborah is now working on a technology development project to help talented performers not get lost in the ocean of the 750,000 Performing Artists graduating from undergrad and grad school each year.


At the age of 10, Deborah began acting herself, in New York and returned to New York after spending 17 years in California, when her husband was cast in the Broadway production of Jekyll and Hyde. It was as a result of that production that she met Bobbie, whose husband, George Merritt, was also in the original cast.


In a fortuitous turn, Bobbie became her manager for a short time.  With two small children, Deborah was unable to accept acting jobs that often required out of town travel, so she turned her focus to teaching, while she raised her family. Among her favorite experiences was coaching the late George Merritt, who was one of Broadway’s greatest, and sharing this powerful acting technique with him.


Meaghan, her eldest daughter received her AEA card at the age of five and her youngest, Erynn,  is also a professional performer. Both are among the amazing clients represented by The Entertainment Group.